About Sandi

Several years ago, my cousin Carol Brown, poured a few tiny beads onto a mat and challenged me to string them together.  Each little bead by itself was nice, but put together with care and attention to color, pattern, texture, the beads could become much more than beads. I was challenged and wanted to string every bead in sight. At first it was a hobby. Then a passion.

We started with Native American designs. That was fun, especially since family legend say our  great grandmother was Cherokee. Then Carol showed  me pieces that would look beautiful on a princess. With an entirely different level of design and complexity, they were art! I was hooked! There is no end to creating the impossible with beads! 

Now we bead together and are loving every minute. I owe Carol and every creative beader who has been my teacher and challenged me to do my best a debt of thanks.  Ultimately, beading is more about people than anything else. You meet the nicest people beading, whether they be teachers, students or customers. That's why it's been so satisfying over the years.

Just so you understand, beading is not big business. It never will be.  It's just me. Well, actually me and my Director of Quality Control. We work together quite well, though he has a tendency to get under foot at times. He keeps a close eye on everything I do.

So welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by.  Look around. I think you will see something you like.