How to Care for Your Jewelry

 Sandi's jewelry is actually quite durable and easy to care for. With proper care it can last a lifetime.

A quick wipe with a clean dry cloth or one lightly sprayed with glass cleaner (on the cloth, not the jewelry) will keep your jewelry shinny and clean. Use a soft cloth. Do not use paper towels. They are abrasive and will scratch the jewelry.

Even Sterling Silver can tarnish when exposed to sulfur in the air or water. A light rub with a silver cloth fixes the problem. Gold filled items do not tarnish but the same procedure can be used for cleaning. 

Gold or silver plate will tarnish, especially with chemical exposure (hair products, swimming pool, etc). This can be a major problem as the plate is thin and can be worn thru with over aggressive rubbing. Once that happens, the only recourse is replacement. Sandi does warranty gold or silver plate items against tarnish or wear through. She recommends paying a bit more for Sterling Silver or Gold filled materials.

Store woven jewelry flat. Threads and beads can move when jewelry is stored in other positions. 

Your crystals and beads are held together with silk, monofilament, wire, or a combination depending on the design.  Treat wire with care. Repeatedly bending wire will cause it to break.

Please care for your jewelry properly. It is made with love and care so you can enjoy it for a lifetime. 


Sandi makes jewelry, not toys. It is not for infants or small children. Jewelry can break, especially wired pieces repeatedly bent back and forth. Wire can scratch or cut. Loose beads can be a choke hazard for infants and small children! Please do not allow infants or small children to play with jewelry at any time!