Colors and Materials

          Different Colors and Materials Change the Look of Pearl Parlay Bracelet

Different materials give different looks. Choose materials to get the look you want. Choose colors go with your outfit. Hana Ami bracelet is shown in Swarovski pearl, Czech crystal (third from left), and Swarovski crystal (fifth and sixth from left). They are all the same design but each has a unique look. 

Any of these bracelets can go dressy or casual. That depends on your outfit, the occasion, and how you wear it!

The photo below will give you a better idea of the colors offered by Swarovski. You can select colors for Custom Orders from this board (pending availability).The board is light gray The photo was taken under photo lights color corrected to daylight. 

Please contact me if you need a precise color match. It is impossible to capture the color and glint of a crystal. Light interacts with crystals and the look changes with movement. You just can't capture that in a photo. There is no substitute for holding it in your hand and studying it as it moves. Our colors are not exact. But they are as close as Sandi can get them. The 2X finish is an extreme example of how crystal affects light. Light Siam is red. Light Siam AB is a more reflective red. The 2X finish actually changes the color of the crystal with light. In low to moderate light, it look red with glints of blue. In day light or under bright photo lights it looks blue with just glints of red! And lots of bright sparkles!

Each crystal is shown in normal finish on the left. To it's right is the same crystal with AB finish. The AB crystals are more reflective. Jet almost appears clear. This is an artifact. It is how light caught this particular crystal when the photo was taken. Jet AB crystals are not clear! They are a very reflective black.

Effects (such as AB, 2X, and MAT that you have seen so much of) are in the  "Effects" column on the right. Going from Crystal to Crystal AB (Aura Boreale) makes a striking difference when you want to maximize sparkle. The effect comes from a bit of silver in the finish. That's why these crystals cost more. Arum 2X costs even more because it uses gold! (Arum 2X is not on this board. An example is shown in the Gallery). The board helps, but effects are better seen in photos of completed jewelry elsewhere on this site. Take some time and look around.

 Bead board showing available crystal colors

Sandi prefers to use Swarovski  because of crystal quality and color consistency. Not all  Swarovski colors are available at all times. It takes time to get special colors. Order early to avoid disappointment.

Swarovski pearls usually are readily available in white and light cream rose. A wide array of soft pastels and grays are available, too.

Seed beads are less standardized. They have more inherent color variation between lots. Sandi prefers Japanese and Czech seed beads as these have less color and size variation. Seed beads come with a shiny or matte finish. You can see the difference easiest here.

Toggles are available in Woven Crystal, Sterling Silver (all silver, no base metal) and Gold Filled (gold plating over silver, no base metal). Toggle designs vary.  Lobster claws are available in Sterling Silver and silver or gold plate. Plated materials consist of a thin layer of silver or gold plated onto base metal. Ear wires are Sterling Silver or gold filled. Sandi does not use plated ear wires on products sold here. Check the information on each piece for materials used. If you have metal allergies please specify what you can use when you place your order! Crystal toggles on necklaces and bracelets avoid metal allergy entirely.  

Please note that even Sterling Silver can tarnish a bit when exposed to sulfur in the air or water. This is chemistry. A gentle rub with a silver cloth fixes the problem. Silver and gold plate are problematic. They can tarnish, especially with chemical exposure (hair products, swimming pool, etc.). The layer of plated material is very thin (much thinner than gold filled) and will chip or wear off with time. Avoid chemicals and water. Clean gently. Sandi stands behind her Sterling Silver and gold filled materials. She cannot warranty gold or silver plate items against tarnish or wear through.

Pieces are woven with silk or monofilament. Some pieces also use wire. Any of these can break. Please read Care of Your Jewelry. Warning: Broken wire ends can scratch or cut. Loose beads or crystals represent choke hazards to infants and small children. Do not give jewelry to infants or small children or allow them to play with it!

Woven jewelry cannot be resized. It has to be remade. Sizing problems can be avoided. Some of Sandi's jewelry features large medallions, unusual shape, or is very wide. Make a mock up. It's easy. Cut an old piece of cloth to the overall size of the medallion, the shape, or the width of the necklace you want. Tape it to a length of twine so the cloth hangs from the twine like the necklace would.. Adjust the twine to where you feel comfortable with the drop of the necklace or medallion. Measure the length of twine you feel comfortable with.  Some necklaces wear better a little shorter because of their drop or width.  It's a good idea to do the same thing with wide bracelets. A wide piece may feel better a bit shorter than you usually use. Make a mock up rather than just pick your standard length. 

The sizes of Sandi's jewelry may not quite match what you are used to seeing in stores. For example, a necklace might be 18 1/2" in length rather than the 18" you are used to. That's because it is hand made. Each piece is made of a pattern of a certain size that is repeated until you get to the necessary length. Size of a pattern is affected by the number of beads used and the size of each bead. A new batch of seed beads, even from the same supplier, can be just a hair larger or smaller. That has an effect over a whole pattern. Total length might be a little more (or less) than what you expect with machine made jewelry. Usually this slight variability is not important at all. It's just something to be aware of. If precise sizing is needed, it may require working a half-pattern into the design. That may give a less desirable look than a minor variation in size.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandi. She wants you to be thrilled with your jewelry!