I make each piece of jewelry you see by hand. Differences in color, clasp, and minor pattern variations make each piece unique. 

Below are several Hana Ami bracelets. The design is the same. Colors and materials are different. By carefully selecting your colors and materials you can make this design do almost anything you want. 


The same idea applies to all my jewelry, within limits. Some designs require certain materials.  Still, the possibilities are endless!

There are two ways to have a piece made to order:

Quick Custom Order is available for a number of designs. If size and color are what you need, add it to your cart and check out  It will be created and shipped within 15 business days, usually less, for you to enjoy. Because materials are on hand, this is the fastest and least expensive way to buy a custom piece.

If you need an item in a different size or with a different clasp, just send me an email telling me what you need. Different sizes and clasps do not delay the process and have minor effect on price. Different colors require a custom order as I may not have the colors you want on hand.

Custom Order. If you love a design but need it in a different color, a custom order is the way to go. You can get precisely what you want. Color, size, clasp are all your choice, whether it's a single piece, a set, or multiple sets. 

Ordering special colors usually adds 7-14 days to the process. Supplies cost more in small quantities. Since I use quality materials to begin with, the difference is usually not all that much. If the materials you need cost less than what I usually use, your order will cost less than what you see here. The real cost of a Custom Order is the extra time required to get materials. Please remember that large orders and complex designs take longer to create than small orders with simple designs.

Send me an email. I need to know design, color, size, clasp, and material for each piece.
Please be as clear as possible. I also need to know when you need it. Please be sure to include your name, correct email address and phone number. I will send a quote including expected shipping date. 

A 50% deposit is due when you accept the quote. It is not refundable. The balance is due on completion. The jewelry is covered by my regular return policies. Please review them for more information. 

Order early! It takes time to get materials, create your jewelry, and ship it to you!  I want you to have your order well before you actually need it! Order early, worry about something else!