Need something special? That's what I do. l make custom jewelry, primarily woven beads, for all occasions. I can meet your jewelry needs for anything from Weddings to football games and everything in between. Nothing says your daily jewelry has to be boring! My tastes run from formal to very casual. That's what I like, wear and make. It's an eclectic mix. You won't find anything like this in a store. Everything you see is hand crafted. By me. Most is "one of a kind" or very nearly so.

Most items are for sale and there is free standard shipping on all orders over $25! A few sold items are kept on display to give you a feeling for a color and how it looks in a finished piece.

The Bridal and Formal Show is about design. These are pieces I think best suited to special occasions. Photos are mostly black and white so you can focus on design without being distracted by color. The Gallery is a collection of pictures of friends and odds and ends. It's just for fun.The colors of completed jewelry you see there and elsewhere on the site, can help you pick colors for the designs you want. 

A lot of pieces are available for Quick Custom Order. That is, a given design in limited colors and sizes, delivered in a short time. I have to make each piece by hand so it can't be as fast as something I have already made. The delay is minimal because I have the materials to make all pieces available for Quick Custom Order on hand.

Many pieces can be Custom Ordered in precisely the colors you want. With a little thought, you can really hit the bulls eye with a Custom Order! If you see something you like and are thinking you would like it even more in another color or with a change or two, a Custom Order is just what you need. Be sure to read FAQ (frequently asked questions), Colors and Materials, Policies, and Custom Orders. 

Thanks for stopping by. Look around. Have some fun. And always be beautiful!